We Help Protecting What Matters Most "HUMANS"

International Safety Systems Office – ISSO is an independent consulting firm, providing professional support services in the areas of safety inclusion and compliance, PPE inspections, re-evaluation, and occupational health and safety management.

ISSO serve protection needs of those who are working at high-risk environment. ISSO have so many years of in-depth experience delivering safety, insurance, and protection to save human lives.

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Keeping You Safe

Hand and Arm Protection

Gloves should not only perform to the task for which they are selected, It should fit well and provide sufficient levels of comfort so workers will make a dependable choice to wear them. However, the requirements for Protection, performance, fit, and comfort vary from application to application. 

Hand Protective Gloves ISSO

Eye, Face & Head Protection

Majority of the jobs in most workplaces today, require high levels of eye, face, and head protection. Industries in which employees are in contact with flying objects, falling debris, smoke, fumes, dust, laser beams sparks, very bright lights and chemicals need proper protection.


Foot Protection

Foot protection is an important part in your PPE plan. There are wide shapes of hazards that facing foot such as falling objects, sharp objects, hot materials, moving machinery, chemicals, or slippery surfaces. Therefore there are many solutions for foot protection task.

Respiratory Protection

The correct selection of appropriate RPE for the task undertaken is one of the most important measures in the RPE development process. Using incorrect RPE can potentially lead to workplace fatalities, in areas of low oxygen concentration or confined spaces for example.

Firefighter climbs the stairs. Lifeguard training.

Hearing Protection

The ear is a very precious and sensitive sensory organ. We take good hearing for granted – even though it is the most vulnerable perception organ we possess. Even while we sleep, our ears remain awake.


Protective Clothing

The right body protection to wear for each risk-assessed task is of vital importance in every work situation, particularly in work environments where it can be fatal if we get it wrong.

Fall Protection

Effective fall protection requires a combination of products working together, often described as the ABC’s of fall protection. The anchorage connector, body support and connecting device—form a complete fall protection system for maximum worker protection


Why Us?

We always meet our customer needs to enhance personal protective technique in working environment where people are empowered to excel. Mainly we are fulfilling our commitment to provide real value to all business partners

Site Support

We provide on-site visits by our professional team to perform PPE Review and Assessment.

Quality Solutions

We provide solutions to ensure the combination of safety and functionality in your workplace.

Only Professionals

Our team is qualified enough to assist you to Protect your valuable assets.

Business Oriented

ISSO supporting its business partner’s plans to grow and increase investment in the Egyptian market to develop safety standards while augment their returns on investment.

We Help Protecting What Matters Most "HUMANS"

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