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Protective clothing

An ordinary protective clothing: General defensive injuries and all walks of life wearing dirty clothes

Second, the flame-retardant protective clothing Is in contact with the flame and hot objects can stop itself after being ignited, burning and smoldering smoke protective clothing

Third, anti-static overalls Is to prevent the accumulation of static clothing, anti-static fabrics for clothing made of fabric do

Fourth, anti-acid overalls Is acid-resistant fabric or rubber, plastic and other materials protective clothing

Fifth, oil resistant and waterproof overalls Refers to the fabric after finishing

Six, welding protective clothing Is a fabric, leather, or by spraying fabric made of foil or fabric, clothing made using the sewing process, to prevent molten metal welding sparks and high temperature burn the body.

Seven, waterproof overalls Is a defensive water permeability and infiltration of overalls, which includes labor protection raincoat, water, clothing, clothes, and other aquatic species.

Eight, X-ray protective clothing With lead rubber, plastics and other composite materials lead produced for the defense of X-ray damage, exposure to X-rays for personnel wearing protective clothing

Nine, live working shielding clothes Is a conductive material and a uniform distribution of clothing made of fibrous material such as

Ten, electrostatic protective clothing With conductive materials and textile fibers woven into cloth and then made into clothing

Eleven, dust overalls Dust exposure for the general operations (such as sand casting, polishing, grinding rust, dust cleaning equipment, cement, packaging, etc.) operations staff from dust hazard protective clothing.

Twelve, forest fire service Is designed for forest firefighters in firefighting, as a defensive flame, hot objects, heat and high temperature and other injuries, the protection of human security with special protective clothing.

Thirteen, protective jacket Is down to warm the cold filling layer overalls

Fourteen, neutron radiation overalls There are anti-neutron radiation fibers

Fifteen, RF radiation overalls Refers to the production process may produce microwave radiation and high frequency electromagnetic radiation.

Sixteen, anti-smashing carapace Is used to prevent foreign object impact damage to the human body back, waist a deck type of personal protective equipment

Seventeen, nonwoven chemical (poison) service Is a non-woven material

Eighteen, medical protective clothing  For health care, sanitation and other toxic personnel in the medical, health and epidemic prevention, public health emergencies in order to prevent bacteria, virus infection microbes personal protective equipment.

Nineteen, high visibility warning clothing for professional use.