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Head Eye & Face

        Prevention of head injuries is an important factor in every safety program. A single injury can handicap an employee for life, or it can be fatal. A survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) of accidents and injuries noted that most workers who suffered impact injuries to the head were not wearing head protection. The majority of workers were injured while performing their normal jobs at their regular worksites.


       The survey showed that in most instances where head injuries occur employers had not required their employees to wear head protection. Of those workers wearing hard hats, all but five percent indicated that they were required by their employers to wear them. It was found that the vast majority of those who wore hard hats all or most of the time at work believed that hard hats were practical for their jobs. According to the report, In almost half of the accidents involving head injuries, employees knew of no actions taken by employers to prevent such injuries from recurring.

Employees need head protection if:

  1. Objects might fall from above and strike them on the head.
  2. They might bump their heads against fixed objects,such as exposed pipes or beams.
  3. They work near exposed electrical conductors.


To help choose safety eyewear best suited to your needs the following information may be useful. Whilst every effort should be made to remove workplace hazards, if safety eyewear is necessary, the following selection criteria should be used.


Hazards fall into 4 main categories:

  1. Mechanical – Flying Debris, Dust or Molten Metal
  2. Chemical – Fumes, Gases or Liquid Splash
  3. Radiation – Heat (Infra-red), Ultraviolet light or Glare
  4. Laser Light – Over a wide spectrum of wavelengths from Ultraviolet to Infra-red



Various shades of lenses are available for specialised industries such as Foundries, Glass Working and Welding. Different lens shades can also enhance vision for tasks such as inspection. For these specialised applications, please contact us.